Question mark Mason Jar

$ 9.99
Question mark Mason Jar

our question mark mason jars are a fun addition to our gender reveal shop and can be used with any of the themes. The question marks can be used for home decor or birthday parties if the guest of honor wants to keep their age a secret! 

Jars are sold individually, not as pairs, so please keep that in mind when ordering

Please fill out the order form to customize your jars to fit your needs! 

If the insides of the jars are painted, it is not recommended that you store food in the jars.


All jars are 100% custom made to order, and details can changed exactly how you'd like, please note that slight differences may apply from the listing photos based on each item being handmade


Jars are available in half pints, pints, and quarts. For a size comparison, please see the listing photos 

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