Ho Ho Ho Santa Knows Gender Reveal Box
Ho Ho Ho Santa Knows Gender Reveal Box

Ho Ho Ho Santa Knows Gender Reveal Box

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HO HO HO! Boy or Girl? Santa knows, are you ready to know? The holidays are coming, what a great way to celebrate the upcoming arrival, with a Santa Gender Reveal Box! With a red painted box with a black belt buckle, open it on Christmas day or at your Christmas party to reveal what your new bundle of joy will be! 

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If you would like to find out with your party, you may have a friend, or nurse send me an email or text telling me what the baby is, and I will fill with the appropriate balloons or other product of your choice. Check out the add ons for more options!

The boxes will be shipped flat wrapped in kraft paper, if empty. 

We now offer the box decor, without the box! That also allows for shipping for larger boxes. If there is a * next to the box size, that means that the words and decor could contain seams. The size of the decor refers to the total size of the decor, and not each word. 

If you would like it with the balloons in it, you must be in the Southern New England area and be able to arrange for pickup or if you're out of area and would like the box overnighted, send me a message and I can get you a quote. Buyer would assume all shipping charges on an overnighted box. Balloons are not available to ship in the summer, as it gets too hot  

The smaller 6x6x6 boxes would be a great idea to surprise individuals like grandparents or other family and friends. 

Other options are coming soon - if you would like to create something personalized, I would be happy to help! Just send me a message! 

More of the little sister or little mister collection is coming soon, and will include banners, cupcake or cake toppers, and more. If you would like to see something else, just ask!